One-day Surgery

Outpatient care, preventive screening, ambulatory and one-day surgery operations are included in possible surgical activities. In our hospital all professional requirements are available to perform so called one-day surgery.

Concept of „one-day surgery”

In Hungary ambulatory and one-day surgery interventions are regulated by a ministerial decree with strict, legally controlled professional, social and other requirements. The purpose of this regulation is that patients receive professionally impeccable service in utmost safety.

That means you’ll get for surgery after outpatient checkup. You can leave the hospital after the operation on the same day, or by all means within 24 hours on your own with accompanying person. The further stages of recovery you can spend in your home, in a familiar environment.

Specialist of the respective profession declares which interventions may be carried out. There are no age limits of the intervention, but it’s important, that the patient should be healthy apart from the disorder, which will be operated on.  If there is a comorbidity it should be balanced by pharmaceutical treatment (e.g. high blood pressure). That’s the only way how the patient may recover at home, in loving care of his/her family in close contact by telephone with his/her operating surgeon.

Pre-operative screening by protocol includes: laboratory tests, X-ray, ECG, examination of internal medicine specialist and other examinations if required.

Specialties of one-day surgery:

General surgery: hemorrhoids, hernia surgery, varicectomy, spider veins’ sclerotisation.

Pediatric surgery: circumcision, abdominal and inguinal hernia surgery, vascular malformation, varix surgery

Orthopedics: arthroscopic knee surgery, mallet finger surgery, fat fleet or fallen arches surgery, tennis elbow surgery

Urology: hydrocele surgery, circumcision, varicocele surgery

Feel free to turn to our specialists with any of your problem, they’ll provide further, detailed information whether your disease can be cured with one-day surgery intervention or in a traditional hospital way. If the intervention cannot be performed in our hospital, we organize the treatment of our patients in the connected institutions and follow their recovery.