Pediatric surgery and Orthopedics

Pediatric surgery

In our pediatric surgery we carry out treatment for benign vascular tumors (hemangiomas) and vascular malformations (vascular disorders).

Laser interventions for:

  • facilitation of vascular tumors’ involution
  • treatment of port-wine stain, elimination of vascular dilatation
  • closing down blue angiomas, venous dilatations

Laser treatments are carried out mainly in local anesthesia, less often in general anesthesia with a few-hour hospital stay.

Freezing treatments:

  • stoppage of hemangiomas of newborn babies and infants

Within one-day surgery we carry out interventions on the following disorders: vascular disorders, venous malformations, varices, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, hydrocele, testicular retention, phimosis, V-,Y- and Z-plasty

Pediatric orthopedics

Diagnosis, screening, conservative treatment, regular follow-up and prescription of medical devices are all available for childhood spine diseases, postural disorders, foot deformities, hip- and other joint problems out of the pediatric orthopedic diseases.