Our ophthalmology care deals with diseases of the eye and effects of other organs’ diseases in addition as well.

Diseases of other organs may impair the vision, but in some instances other systems illnesses may be concluded from eye disorders without causing vision loss.

Examinations and treatments:

  • vision, color vision, fundus examination
  • intraocular pressure measurement
  • examination, evaluation and follow-up of eye symptoms of internal diseases (hypertonia, diabetes, vascular and particular neurological, autoimmune diseases)
  • examination, treatment and follow-up of inflammatory eye diseases
  • clinical evaluation and treatment of glaucoma
  • removal of accessible foreign body, probing of lacrimal canaliculi
  • eyeglasses and contact lens prescription

Our special services:

  • contact lens examination, fitting and teaching
  • correction of all kinds of refractive errors with contact lenses, therapeutic contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses (e.g. cosmetic correction of injured, deformed eyes)
  • colored contact lenses and special lenses

Eye examination usually generates no pain, but examination devices emitting relatively strong light can cause inconvenience to our patients with photosensitivity.

Patient should not drive after pupil dilating! It happens on rare occasions that the patient’s vision deteriorates for a few hours or even for a day, his/her ability to read is lessened, but it wears off over time.

Our service has close relations with the institutions performing eye-surgery of particular ophthalmological diseases and specialists of related professions, applies up-to-date eyeglasses, contact lenses and excipients. We can provide a complete care of a patient in another institute if appropriate.