At our outpatient service we deal primarily with thyroid diseases.

Thyroid disorders are the most prevalent hormone system disorders in the general population. According to studies every fourth woman has some thyroid disorder or illness. This often come across only by onset of symptoms.

Thyroid illnesses often turn up in adolescence, menopause, in pregnancy and afterwards.

Basically thyroid disorders may be divided in two groups, namely: hypofunction and hyperfunction.

The symptoms of thyroid hyperfunction: fatigue, warm wet skin, hair loss, sleeplessness, weight loss, bulging eyes, racing heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, menstrual disorders

The symptoms of thyroid hypofunction: muscle weakness, fatigue, feeling unwell, dry skin, cold limbs, feeling cold, hair loss, weight gain, slow heartbeat.

If any of the symptoms above appears, it’s worth to visit a thyroid specialist. For the precise diagnosis of the illness the physician recommends blood sampling, ultrasound, isotope scan, maybe histological examination. After the examinations the exact diagnosis can be established, and on its basis the treatment can be started, and the symptoms will improve.

In the beginning the treatment usually a pharmaceutical hormone replacement or antagonist therapy. During the therapy a continuous laboratory control is needed. In some cases surgery may be considered, which procedure aims at removal of the thyroid tissue.