The dietitian’s mission is to support the medical treatment with competent recommendations, prevention and familiarization for good nutrition. During consultation the patient may get a personalized help for weight loss.

The consultation gives an opportunity to evaluate the eating and lifestyle habits, potential disease(s), and with all these in mind to work up a personalized diet.

A personalized diet is sustainable on the long run contrary to trendy ones.

Most trendy diets contain strict constraints, may be unbalanced and do not educate dieters on healthy diet’s rules letöltés(composition, quantities). A relatively fast weight loss caused by an improperly applied trendy diet often followed by excessive weight gain. During follow-up visits the dietary diary is evaluated, which makes the consistent patterns changeable, the new guidelines build into the everyday of the dieter, so it’ll be easier to retain the result achieved.

Nowadays insulin resistance  comes to highlight more and more often in connection with different diseases and conditions. Along pharmaceutical therapy  proper diet and regular exercise play key roles. There is a possibility for group meetings, where everyone can share his/her experiences and may discuss the opportunities together e.g. patients with lactose intolerance or insulin resistance, dieters etc.