Preventive Screenings

Nowadays thanks to the medical scientific and technical progress several serious diseases discovered in time are curable. However these illnesses are often asymptomatic.

To restore our health regardless of gender and age it is worth to have regular checkups.

In our institute examinations are compiled by professional recommendations to detect the disease with the highest incidence characterizing the given age group and gender.  We place especially great emphasis on early detection of cardiovascular diseases and precancerous conditions.

The screening is performed in short time, with one attendance and no waiting time.
The evaluation will be ready within 1-2 weeks, and will be posted at your request.

We discuss the list of examinations with you, so if you don’t ask for either of them (already performed within one year), we accept your previous results. If deviation referring to a disease is found, our specialists ensure further care for you.

How to prepare to examinations:

  • Arrive in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • The first morning urine specimen (after washing your hands and genitals, mid-stream sample) needed for lab tests should be bring along in clean vial or jar.
  • As the ultrasound examination requires full bladder you’re advised to drink plenty of non-sparkling and sugar-free fluids before leaving home and to retain the urination until the examination within the bounds of possibility.
  • Do not smoke! Do not consume coffee (before laboratory tests and ultrasound examinations)!
  • Please take along your previous medical findings of known and treated diseases, the list of pharmaceutical taken on regular daily basis, as well as the results of you previous screenings. In case of ophthalmological examination please bring your glasses along, if you wear contact lenses please do not have them on.

If you have any further question please contact our institute.