Occupational Health

In Hungary the employer is obliged by law (Governmental Decree No. 89, 1995) to provide occupational health service (old name: „factory doctor”) to every employee (even in case of one person) employed in organized labor relations.

According to the content of the Governmental Decree every employee should attend the obligatory checkup yearly. The employer will be charged with the cost of the examinations.

In our hospital we organize the checkups specified in the Governmental order with one attendance and with no waiting time. Every examination is available in our institute, so the employees can get it over in a shortest possible time.

The following examinations and services are available within the bounds of environmental health care checkup:

  • Environmental health care basic medical examination, resting ECG, vision checkup
  • Job suitability examination
  • Clinical evaluation of diseases and increased exposure
  • Investigation of health damaging effects of work
  • Counselling on personal protective equipment
  • Information concerning working conditions
  • Evaluation of professional ability in the framework of job-matching
  • Participation in planning and executing first aid and acute medical care, in vocational training of first aid personnel
  • Offering special out-patient care
  • Ensuring counselling function
  • Basic service in work hygiene counselling
  • Compulsory statistical data supply to supervisory bodies

After the examinations we evaluate the results, what you can receive at the reception or by mail at your disposal.