About us

Kelen Hospital Ltd. was built as a private investment in  Than Károly street 20th, 11th District Budapest.

The hospital is a three-storey, 1400 m² building with 15 examination rooms, 2 operating theatres, 4 single patient’s rooms and 2 double patient’s rooms. Our rooms – fully equipped with bath, air conditioning, phone, TV and WiFi internet connection – offer environment to satisfy all needs of our patients after surgery.fb kelen

The hospital was established with the mission to serve your and your family’s health with well-known specialists, in friendly environment, applying up-to-date medical equipment and technologies.

Our philosophy is to provide a broad-range, high-standard health care to every age-group.

That’s why a great variety of outpatient care and one-day surgery is on your and your family’s service, where a cozy, comforting environment is waiting for the patients instead of a traditional hospital feeling with waiting lists.

Besides checkup and treatment we’d like to draw attention to health promotion, hence we offer a number of preventive screening programs.

As on-day surgery we perform operations in general and vascular surgery, orthopedics, aesthetic surgery, pediatric surgery and urology.

Radiological diagnostics (X-ray, ultrasound) with professional assistants are also available in our hospital.