Our urological outpatient care deals with problems of male and female urogenital tract:

  • prostate diseases (tumor, inflammation and hyperplasia)
  • urinary retention
  • in case of kidney stones: clarification of the background, treatment, prevention of recurrence with life-style therapy
  • diagnosis and treatment of testicle and epididymis diseases, phimosis, varicocele, hydrocele
  • recurrent cystitis
  • complaints caused by osteoporosis

Potency disorders

exual health is a very important part of quality of life, everyone would like a spontaneous sexual desire, a healthy sexual life free from anxiety  – but sometimes difficulties arise.

According to surveys these problems affect roughly 100 million men around the world. In Hungary the prevalence is about 10%. Half of men experience erectile dysfunction during his lifetime at least for a while.

Prevalence and severity of erectile dysfunction increase by aging. The 5 % prevalence by 40 years of age increases to circa 15 % in 70+ age group.

Erectile dysfunction is persistent inability to attain or maintain a penile erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.

With respect to treatment these disorders are divided into two main categories:

  • organic etiology – e.g. vascular disease
  • if there is no organic anomaly detected: of psychological origin

In Hungary nowadays hypertonia is endemic, and this is the most common cause in the background of erectile dysfunction, as well as heart disease and diabetes. Smoking, alcohol consumption and stress, as well as operations, side-effects of pharmaceuticals (antidepressant) may also present as underlying causes. Age in itself not necessarily a cause of erectile dysfunction in itself, but it is a positive fact, that prevalence of the problem increases by age.

Severity levels of erectile dysfunction:

  • mild: when the erectile dysfunction occurs in majority of the intercourses
  • moderate: when sufficient erection can be attained only occasionally
  • complete: when erection is never sufficient and/or cannot be maintained

Treatment options

Revolutionary new solution for erectile dysfunction: shock wave therapy!

For the time being in Hungary the treatment is carried out uniquely in Kelen Hospital by our specialist in urology and andrology.

You can read further, more details about the treatment to increase potency here.

Its advantages over traditional procedures:

  • no pharmaceutical therapy required
  • no side effects have been seen
  • as the result of the treatment patient will regain his ability for a spontaneous sexual life
  • the procedure is non-invasive, pain-free, no local or general anesthesia required

Traditional treatment options of erectile dysfunction:

  • Pharmaceutical therapyincreases the blood flow in penis thus improving the erection capability, but it’s nothing but a symptomatic treatment. Drugs are damaging to self-esteem, take away the spontaneity of the event, moreover have side effects: heart- and circulatory system disorders, headache, occasionally digestive and color vision disorders. Their consumption is strongly contraindicated in some diseases e.g. heart or coronary diseases indicating consumption of pharmaceuticals containing nitrate. They are effective in 70-75 % of the cases.
  • Injection therapyshould be applied shortly before the sexual intercourse. It’s easy to learn to apply. In case of proper dosage the erection will start within a few minutes and last for one hour maximum. Side effect is: a painful, prolonged erection. In case of overdose a prolonged erection get on, which can damage the cavernous body. Clumping, scarring and bruising can also occur as complications.
  • Mechanical pumpsPenis fitted into a plastic tube then a vacuum – a low-pressure space – is created around the penis, as a result of which blood will flow into the cavernous bodies and an erection will be attained. Then a plastic ring applied to the penis and the pump can be removed. Erection will be last for about 10 minutes. Erection ring is not to be worn for more than 30 minutes, longer application can lead to damage of the tissues. Advantages: it is applicable in pharmaceutical contraindications, with other underlying diseases. Disadvantages: it is difficult to use, if too tight or applied for too long the ring can seriously damage the penis or – like the previous solutions – the loss of spontaneity may occur.
  • SurgeryThere are several prostheses implanted in the penis by surgical procedures. Up to the recent days this was the only non-symptomatic therapy providing a long-term solution. The procedure is painful, and the recovery may last even for weeks.