Podiatry service

We’ve set up our service, because 60-70% of the nowadays population affected by different diseases perceiving a wide variety of “thick, sore foot” symptoms. It is common, that no precise diagnosis is available, and the patient does not know where to turn to, which specialist to look for.

Contact our service, if:

  • Your limb is swollen, aching, and you do not know why.
  • You cannot wear a proper shoe.
  • You have non-healing wound on your sole, fingers or shin.
  • Your leg has varices, your ankles get swollen by evening.
  • You have a non-healing wound on your leg.
  • Infected wounds occurred in diabetes.
  • There is a chronic venous insufficiency.

Without proper treatment these disorders and symptoms may amount to severe complications, reduction in working capacity, sustained suffering and huge expenses for patients.

Successful treatment requires a joint care of several professions: opinion and cooperation of dermatologist, vascular surgeon and orthopedist are necessary. For patient’s care a detailed check-up and a precise definition of diagnosis and therapeutic process are vital, there is no successful therapy without them.