At nephrology outpatient care we deal with investigation and treatment of patients with kidney diseases.

On first occasion before the consultation with the specialist lab tests are required.
Laboratory tests may be performed in our hospital for remuneration or you can bring the results for the first consultation as well.

ESR / TBC / Complete urinalysis / blood sugar / urea / creatinine / uric acid / Sodium / Potassium / Calcium / Phosphate / Total protein / albumin / CRP / iron / cholesterol / HDL / LDL / triglyceride / ASAT / ALAT /GGT / APL,
Possible vitamin B12 level and serum folic acid level,24-hour urine collection, the quantity of which should be measured in the end.

This number (the measured quantity) and a sample with an amount of a laboratory urine collection container cup from the collected urine specimen should be handed in for laboratory examination. A urine total protein and microalbumin examination should be performed from this sample.

The kidney take part in a lot of basic life function, thus special attention should be paid to prevention and evolution of kidney diseases.

Kidney disease generally has a hidden start and evolves without symptoms, because at the beginning even for 10-15 years do not cause complains, and the firs symptoms only present themselves only when the kidney’ function has already seriously damaged. It characterized by gradual, continuous, constant deterioration, decrease of the kidney’s function, which finally results a so-called end-stage kidney failure with the damaging of the other organs due to the accumulation of toxic materials.

The often asymptomatic and painless kidney disease can be detected by regular blood and urine examination.

Changes in color and consistency of the urine, and frequency of urination, swelling around eyes and on limbs, and breathlessness may signal an illness. In case of diabetes regular urinalysis, blood pressure checking, regular check-up of the kidneys, whereas consuming nephrotoxic pharmaceutical frequent examinations may help the most in preventing the illness.