At the diabetology outpatient care we deal with evaluation, treatment, prevention and treatment of complications, and follow-up consultations.

Lab tests are required before the first consultation with the specialist!
Laboratory tests may be performed in our hospital for remuneration or you can bring the results for the first consultation as well.

Tests required are:

blood sugar / complete urinalysis / urea / creatinine/ Sodium / Potassium / HbA1c / cholesterol / HDL / LDL / ASAT /   ALAT / GGT / ALP / uric acid

Who’s a potential diabetic patient?

There is no accurate response to this question, so screening plays an important role. We know for sure, that some factors increase the risk of its development such as unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and its consequences like obesity or high blood pressure.

The early detection and treatment of the disease, and the regular follow-up examinations can prevent and/or slow the development of the serious complications (coronary stenosis, renal disease, visual impairment, limb vessel constrictions, stroke, impotence), which significantly influence patients’ life expectancy and quality of life. The regular, adequate check-up and care by the specialist may help to maintain the ideal value-levels.
The types of diabetes are: type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes