Our dermatology service deals with examination and treatment of skin lesions, clinical evaluation, treatment and regular care of general dermatological diseases (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis).

A number of factors have impact on the health of our skin. Some of these factors can be defended with information and prevention. Our preventive screening program includes cancer screening, and information on solarium use and light protection. One of our particular therapies is the treatment of congenital vascular malformations (e.g. benign vascular tumor) or port-wine stain both in childhood and adulthood. These abnormalities are treated with VascuLight Plus laser therapy.
The consultation before the treatment is free of charge!

The treating physician will inform you about treatment options, the proceeding, time needed to recovery and potential complications. Written information is provided and you can ask questions about your problem. Common decision is made on starting a treatment both for children or adults. Extended capillaries appearing superficially on skin can cause a serious aesthetical problem because of their shades different from skin’s own color. Our laser equipment is suitable for treatment of both blue and red colored vessel-dilatation.

Port-wine stain

Port-wine stain is a congenital vascular malformation in the superficial tissues. Sometimes deeper tissues may be involved, in this case symptoms, complaints are aggravated (thickening, deforming of the limb involved may occur). It can appear anywhere on the body (face, trunk, limbs etc.) and can cause a lot of inconvenience for its “owner” because of its striking (from pink to bluish lilac) color.

Port-wine stain won’ go away, moreover its color generally deepens by age and small lumps may occur inside the mark, which was flat and in skin-level before. Previously the treatment wasn’t safe.

Paint and Nd-Yag laser, as well as IPL (intense pulsed light) technique meant a great break-through. With these methods the pain significantly lessened and also the long term results are excellent.

The process of laser treatment is characterized by multiple treatment of the same area with certain intervals. The interval between two treating sessions varies based on individual and malformation. Even more moths/years are necessary to free the patient from his/her symptoms.

Other examinations and therapies of our care:

  • benign skin lesions, moles requiring no surgical treatment are removed with high-frequency electric equipment.
  • birth marks, subcutaneous lesions are removed by surgeon, and histological examinations take place. We provide appointment for the surgery.